OFFICIAL: Mata and Icardi join Galatasaray
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OFFICIAL: Mata and Icardi join Galatasaray

The Turkey Super League Galatasaray announced today that it has signed free agent Juan Mata and Paris Saint-Germain center Mauro Icardi.


The official statement shows that 34-year-old Juan Mata joined Galatasaray as a free agent and signed a two-year contract – the second year of which is an option to renew. It is reported that Mata’s annual salary will reach 1.9 million euros.

Juan Mata mainly plays as an attacking midfielder and has played for Valencia, Chelsea and Manchester United.In the 2021/22 season, the Spaniard only played 12 times for Manchester United, including 3 Champions League games, 7 league games, 1 FA Cup and 1 League Cup.

“I feel very good,” Mata told Galatasaray ‘s official website. “I’m excited and motivated. It’s an honour to be here and everyone is so friendly. I can’t wait to win with Galatasaray.”

“Everyone told me how good the football atmosphere is here. I can’t wait to experience it, I’m eager to play in front of the fans. Galatasaray is Turkey’s most accomplished team and one of the biggest players in football history. A club that has a place. Thank you all for the warm welcome.”


On the day Mata signed, 29-year-old Argentine center Mauro Icardi joined Galatasaray on loan from Paris Saint-Germain for a season. During the loan period, Paris Saint-Germain will bear the player’s salary of 6 million euros, and the remaining 750,000 euros will be paid by Galatasaray.

Mauro Icardi, who played for Sampdoria and Inter Milan, moved from Inter Milan to Paris Saint-Germain for 50 million euros. From 2020 to 2022, he played 92 games in various competitions for the Ligue 1 giants, scoring 38 goals and providing 10 assists. Due to an endless stream of off-field news, Icardi was included in the purge list by Campos this summer.

Temporarily away from Paris Saint-Germain, Icardi couldn’t hide his joy; and the warm welcome of Galatasaray fans moved him again. “Thanks to the fans for welcoming me, they left a very deep impression on me and my family, unbelievable. Their love touched me as soon as I landed,” said the Argentine. “This summer, I had a lot of offers. We had a long conversation with Mr. Eldon (Galatasaray vice-president). As a result, I came here. He did everything he could. I was very Delighted to finally be in Galatasaray.”

“I scored a goal at this stadium when I played for PSG. From now on, I will defend Galatasaray’s shirt. I hope I can continue to score this goal, with Galatasaray shared the joy of scoring.”

Other contract

On the eve of the closing of the Turkish Super League summer window, in addition to signing Mata and Icardi, Galatasaray also signed Yusuf Demir, Matthias Rose and Milot Rashica in a row. The transfer investment reached 5.2 million euros.

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