No Empathy Kanjuruhan Tragedy | Fun Football FIFA and PSSI blasphemed!
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No Empathy Kanjuruhan Tragedy | Fun Football FIFA and PSSI blasphemed!

No Empathy Kanjuruhan Tragedy | Fun Football FIFA and PSSI blasphemed

FIFA and PSSI took the time for delightful fun football conditioning on the sidelines of their visit to Indonesia. This exertion drew review from football suckers. Because, netizens suppose that FIFA and PSSI don’t empathize with the Kanjuruhan Tragedy.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino visited Indonesia to meet President Joko Widodo and PSSI. FIFA will help PSSI to manage football after the Kanjuruhan Tragedy.

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, PSSI and FIFA Fun Football conditioning will be held at the Madya Stadium, Jakarta. PSSI president Mochamad Iriawan had a ball fight against Gianni. This exertion was posted on the @PSSI Twitter account.

The portrayal of this moment of joy seems to have made Indonesian netizens furious. Launching from detikINET, FIFA came a trending content on Twitter with 93 thousand tweets. Indonesian netizens expressed their passions of disappointment to both PSSI and FIFA. They judged that FIFA and PSSI didn’t empathize with the victims of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy and rather had fun.

Those who condemn launch from members of TGIPF Kanjuruhan, club operation to football suckers. This sacrilege is in Indonesian for PSSI and in English for FIFA.

Fun Football: Netizens Blasphemy on Twitter

” Gentle memorial for @washingtonpost and thank you for your report on exessive used of tear gas. But @FIFAcom and @PSSI are happy to have delightful game in Jakarta history while the grave of 133 victims are still wet 🥲@[email protected],” said TGIPF Kanjuruhan member Laode M Syarif on the @LaodeMSyarif account.

Madura United President, Achsanul Qosasi also issued a cutting comment against FIFA. He said that FIFA should leave Indonesia incontinently.

” Please leave FIFA incontinently. Do not stay in Indonesia for long. Your way isn’t good in empathizing,” said Madura United President Achsanul Qosasi on [email protected] account.

“Rather of playing football with the chairman of FIFA, it’s better to gather the families of the victims of the Kanjuruhan tragedy. Oneplace.However, give big compensation,” [email protected]_theo ***, If you can.


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