Newly signed striker Dybala scored twice, midfield star Ibanez built and Roma stood out and climbed to the top of Serie A
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Newly signed striker Dybala scored twice, midfield star Ibanez built and Roma stood out and climbed to the top of Serie A

Since the end of the third round of Serie A in the 2022-2023 season , the top 6 Napoli, AC Milan, Lazio, Atalanta, Turin and Roma all maintain the same record and points.

But with today’s 4th round of Serie A competition, Roma ‘s 28-year-old striker Paulo Bruno Xquier Dybala scored twice in this game, and 23-year-old star Ibanez also contributed a goal , led Roma to beat Monza 3-0 in the home game, and scored a maximum of 10 points in the standings with a record of 3 wins and 1 draw at home, and topped the Serie A table.

Roma striker Dybala scored twice in the first half, his first since joining Roma on a free transfer after his contract with former club Juventus expired last month.

In the 18th minute of the first half, 24-year-old striker Tammy Abraham headed the ball to Dybala, who was rushing into the middle circle to attack when he was ready to attack when he was in the middle circle. He immediately intercepted the ball with his chest. Dribbling into the penalty area, two opposing defenders were chasing at close range on the left and right sides, but Dybala dribbled the ball quickly and shot into the right bottom corner of the goal with his left foot when he entered the penalty area, and the defensive tackle failed. Stop the striker from scoring.

After 24 minutes, Roma striker Abraham received a good pass from 34-year-old midfielder Nemanja Matic before entering the penalty area and rushed into the penalty area with a right-footed shot from the left side, but was blocked by the opponent’s goalkeeper. ‘s stall.

When the ball was bounced to the right, Dybala broke into the right side. When the two defenders were on the left and right, Dybala made a tackle and shot the ball into the goal, completing the brace in the new team. Second degree grades. It is worth mentioning that Dybala’s 2 goals in this game became his 100th goal in Serie A.

In the 61st minute of the second half, when Roma captain Lorenzo Pellegrini, 26, took a corner, the 23-year-old midfielder Ibáñez skipped other defenses and headed into the net from close range to the right. The score added another point for Roma. In the end, the opponent Monza came back without success and lost to Roma 0-3.

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