Muller says Bayern aim to get back to top of league table before World Cup
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Muller says Bayern aim to get back to top of league table before World Cup

Bayern’s Muller recently talked about Bayern’s recent performance, his own rehabilitation progress and expectations for the World Cup .

Muller said they had their best run in a long time in the past few weeks. The results of the game were good, and more importantly, the performance of the team continued to improve. They created a lot of chances in the game and they were used efficiently, the team played well defensively, conceded fewer goals and played their game very confidently. So the team recently got 9 wins out of 10.

Muller also praised Bayern ‘s flexibility in attack. He said that people were discussing who would score after Lewandowski left, and now the answer is everyone.

For the improvement of the team, Muller said that a big reason is because of their training, they make adjustments when the results of the game are not satisfactory. The training content of the team is very specific, and they have finely optimized the position and movement in the penalty area.

Bayern are second in the table after 12 games, and Muller said their aim is to top the league again before the World Cup. The team topped the league with a positive attitude in the first half of the season, which is important for the club, who belong to the top of the table.

Muller himself is currently on truce due to muscle problems. Regarding the World Cup, he said that he is looking forward with a positive attitude and is already looking forward to the upcoming World Cup. He is currently concentrating on training in an orderly manner to fully get back into the rhythm again. It’s the right strategy to get him off to a good start again.

However, Bayern have three league games left before the World Cup, and Flick will announce Germany’s squad for the World Cup on November 10.


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