Morata will still play in the World Cup, his ankle injury is not serious
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Morata will still play in the World Cup, his ankle injury is not serious

Morata remains optimistic about his prospects at the World Cup after being forced off the game against Cadiz due to injury.

The 30-year-old Morata sprained his ankle in the 12th round of the La Liga match against Cadiz the day before yesterday and was substituted by Cunha after only 10 minutes of play. Atletico Madrid lost to Cadiz 2-3 away.

No risk of missing the World Cup

Atletico Madrid update on Morata’s injury on Sunday. According to the latest injury report, the Spaniard suffered from “soft tissue edema of the right ankle”, and the specific recovery time remains to be seen. According to Atletico Madrid reporters Javi Gómara and Pedro Fullana, Morata’s injury should not affect him representing Spain in the Qatar World Cup in December.

After the game, it was reported that Morata was seriously injured and may miss the World Cup. However, Atletico Madrid’s injury report reassured Enrique and the Spanish fans.

Morata’s injury is no problem, which is undoubtedly great news for the Spanish team. Since being selected for the Spanish team in 2014, Morata has scored 27 goals and provided 6 assists in 57 games in all competitions, and is regarded as a key player for Spain to advance to the Euro 2021 semi-finals. His efficiency and ability in the attacking third area are irreplaceable, and he is also highly relied on by Enrique. If nothing else, Morata’s selection into Spain’s World Cup squad is a certainty.

Expected to miss the 6th round of the Champions League group stage

There is no risk of missing the World Cup, and Morata’s ability to represent Atletico this week and the final match of the Champions League group stage is still in doubt. According to Javier Gomara, Morata is still suffering from severe pain in his right ankle and is even unable to participate in training. In this case, Morata is expected to miss the last Champions League group match against Porto in the next two days, when Atletico Madrid will make a last-ditch effort to qualify for the Europa League.

So far this season, Morata has played 17 games for Atletico Madrid in all competitions, during which he has also scored 5 goals and 1 assist.

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