Man Utd star Greenwood has been suspended for sexual assault and may face jail
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Man Utd star Greenwood has been suspended for sexual assault and may face jail

Following an investigation by British prosecutors, 21-year-old Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood , who was remanded in custody this week, has been charged with attempted rape, coercion and assault in recent days and will appear in court next week. At present, Manchester United officials have also imposed a ban on him. After the results of the judicial process are released, he will be dealt with. The future of the star can be said to be ruined.

Greenwood joined the Manchester United youth academy at a young age and successfully entered the Manchester United first team at the age of 17 to become one of the top scorers in the Premier League under the age of 18. He played a total of 129 games for Manchester United, contributing 35 goals.

The rising star scored his first goal in the Europa League opener for Manchester United in the 2019-20 season, becoming the team’s youngest goalscorer in a European competition and his first Premier League season in a single season A teenager who has contributed at least 5 goals to the team.

Since then, his performance level has risen sharply, and in February last year, he signed a contract extension with Manchester United until the end of 2025. Greenwood scored six goals last season, becoming the second young star in Premier League history to score in the first three pre-season games since Robbie Fowler in the 1990s. Manchester United have set a splendid record of 28 consecutive away games without defeat in English football history.

Arrested in January in sexual violence scandal

It is a pity that this future football legend was accused by his current girlfriend in January of this year of using coercive acts such as sexual violence and rape to force his girlfriend into submission, and uploaded all the audio files, videos and photos to social media, causing an uproar and the intervention of the police. . And just hours after the scandal came to light, Greenwood also played for England in an international game.

However, Greenwood was later arrested by Manchester County Police in England on suspicion of rape and assault and other sexual violence charges. Manchester United also immediately issued a statement stating that all acts of violence are strictly prohibited, and the player is prohibited from participating in all training and competitions during the investigation phase until the verdict is issued.

But the rising star has since been released on bail until he was re-arrested last Saturday for allegedly breaking the rules. The next day, the young England striker was charged with sexual assault, intimidation and coercion. He went to Manchester Magistrates Court on Monday and was remanded in custody before being granted conditional bail.

He is expected to appear in court next week and again next month to face all three charges.

Termination of partnership due to multiple boycotts

This incident not only led to Greenwood’s notoriety and was suspended by the team, but he was also terminated from all sponsorships and partnerships by the business sporting goods tycoon Nike (NIKE). In addition, Manchester United also removed all merchandise related to Greenwood, including his lineup in the FIFA22 football game. All information has also been deleted. No such person is found. His future prospects in football have been completely burned by himself. for ashes.


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