Lo Celso expected to miss 2022 World Cup due to injury
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Lo Celso expected to miss 2022 World Cup due to injury

The 26-year-old Argentine midfielder Lo Celso has suffered a leg injury and may miss the 2022 World Cup.

Lo Celso has played 13 times (757 minutes) for Villarreal on loan this season, scoring 1 goal. He was injured in the 12th round of La Liga against Athletic Bilbao – the Argentine played just 25 minutes and was replaced by Manu Trigueros with a right hamstring injury.

The injury exceeded expectations

The Argentine media had expressed optimism about Lo Celso’s injury. They initially believed that the midfielder was expected to be out for about three weeks and would not affect his participation in the World Cup. However, the latest inspection results have overturned everyone’s expectations.

Los Celso has been diagnosed with a torn hamstring in his right ham, and his risk of missing the World Cup has risen sharply, according to Argentina team reporter Gaston Edul.

Edul also learned that Lo Celso may be required to undergo surgery due to the injury exceeding expectations. If so, the Argentines will be sidelined for at least 8 weeks, completely missing the World Cup.

Argentina suffered a major blow

Lo Celso has an important role in Argentina’s tactical position. His propulsion ability makes him an indispensable addition to Messi’s field, and there is no one on the team who can replace him. As an important part of Argentina’s 2021 Copa America victory, Los Celso’s absence will adversely affect Argentina’s World Cup prospects.

In this World Cup, Argentina is in Group C with Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. They will face Saudi Arabia on November 22, Mexico on the 27th and Poland on December 1st.

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