Liverpool equals Premier League record in one game
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Liverpool equals Premier League record in one game

After falling into a 3-game losing streak at the start of the new Premier League season, the Red Army Liverpool directly slammed the newly-promoted Bournemouth at Anfield in the fourth round of the league, while Klopp’s team scored 5 goals in the first half. After scoring 4 more goals in the second half and the opponent’s “contributed” own goal, they won the first league victory of the 2022/23 season with a strong 9-0.

It is worth mentioning that after this victory, Liverpool also tied the biggest win in the history of the Premier League, and this 9-0 score has only occurred 4 times in the history of the Premier League. The first was in 1995, when Manchester United beat Ipswich 9-0 at home. After 24 years apart, Leicester ripped Southampton 9-0 away in 2019. The third came in February 2021, when United humiliated Southampton 9-0.

According to the data, Liverpool’s record of winning the game 9-0 has only occurred 3 times, 10-0 and 10-1 have occurred twice, and the biggest victory of 11-0 can be traced back to July 1974. On the 17th, Liverpool defeated Norway’s Stromgast at home in the first round of the European Cup Winners Cup. What makes the team even more happier is that after a 9-0 victory this season, coach Klopp also achieved the biggest victory in his coaching career.

Since the beginning of this season, Liverpool have experienced several difficult games due to injuries. They fell behind twice in the first round against newly-promoted Ma Fuhan. Fortunately, the new aid Nunes and the Premier League golden boot Salah contributed. After scoring the goal, it ended in a 2-2 draw. In the second round, he returned to play at home, but Nunez’s red card put Liverpool in trouble, and then relied on Dias to score a goal at the crucial moment to draw a thrilling 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace.

In the last round, it was the first double red meeting of the season. Although Liverpool humiliated the Red Devils twice last season, the Red Army lost 1-2 to Manchester United coached by Ten Hag in this focus game.

Liverpool’s title race still won’t be easy

After failing to win in the first 3 rounds, Klopp’s team was still close to the relegation zone in the standings, but in the end Liverpool lived up to expectations. In the game against newly-promoted Bournemouth, they directly spoke with a big victory. Although Liverpool are currently ranked ninth in the standings with only five points, the data of 13 goals is also tied with Manchester City, which is ranked second.

Judging from the strength of each team, Liverpool’s scoring ability will not be questioned by all walks of life. It was only 5 points behind the champion Manchester City last season and won the runner-up, which makes the outside world optimistic that Liverpool will be able to compete again in the new season. Champion attack.

However, at the beginning of the 2022/23 season, Liverpool suffered a serious wave of injuries, including Thiago, Chamberlain, Jota, Keita, Konat and Matip, etc., plus the reinforcement of Nunes. Being banned for being dyed red has directly caused Liverpool to be unable to break through the siege. Now that they have won their first win of the season with a strong attitude, Liverpool should continue to narrow the distance to the championship with this confidence.


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