LeBron James Sets New Record, Lakers Still Down
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LeBron James Sets New Record, Lakers Still Down

LeBron James NBA Sets New Record, Lakers Still Dow

Player NBA, LeBron James made history in the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. But he could not do much to stop the Los Angeles Lakers‘ agony before this season. The Lakers lost five games in a row.

Head trainer Darvin Ham had to rack his smarts to be suitable to make up for the Lakers’ failings. Meanwhile, LeBron was asked to play a little deeper, and this is what causes his donation to be lower than optimal. LeBron only made 10 of 28 tried shots.

Darvin Ham the head trainer has tried numerous effects, including putting Russell Westbrook on the bench. But it has not been suitable to lift the performance of the Lakers.

” I suppose our attacking strategy is actually doing the trick now,” James said, quoting ESPN.

” Defensively, again, we’ve a great game plan. We can contend with other brigades. But the protective mate is of course attack. We can’t just be good at one side, while our sins are easily visible on the other side.”

With a 0- 5 record, the situation in the Lakers platoon warmed up. operation is in the limelight, trainers are also the subject of review, until stars come memes for social media.

LeBron James new record does not affect the Lakers


Player NBA, LeBron James had 28 points, plus 7 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 steals. LeBron’s record is that he reached 20 points in a single game for the,135 th career. LeBron passed Karl Malone’s record in the each- time list for this order.

A sign that shows how great the four- time NBA MVP is. LeBron hasn’t equaled lower than 20 points in a season since 2003.

Although managed to make an emotional record in his career, but LeBron couldn’t celebrate. Because the Lakers are now winless in five games (0- 5). Following that, the Lakers lost to the Minnesota Timbervoles with a score of 102- 111.

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