La Liga Valladolid 0-1 Cadiz Negredo scores winner
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La Liga Valladolid 0-1 Cadiz Negredo scores winner

In the 6th round of La Liga , Valladolid, who ranked fourth in the La Liga standings before the game, played against Cadiz, who ranked last in the pre-match.

The Cadiz team has lost all 5 games in the first 5 games without scoring a goal, and the Valladolid team has 1 win , 1 draw and 2 losses in the last 4 games . Obviously, the Valladolid team is in a much better state than the Cadiz team. However, They met in the past 4 times,Cádiz got 1 wins and 3 draws, being the upper hand.

Valladolid used a 433 formation, starting with Plano, Mesa, Sanchez, Asenjo , Perez, Weisman, etc., while Cadiz used a 4231 formation, with Lucas, Austria Campo, Feder, Casellon, Ledesma, Espino, etc. started.

Both sides failed to break the deadlock in the first half of the game and neither achieved anything. In the second half, Ledesma defused Valladolid’s threatening attack many times. In the final stages of the game, Alcaraz shot just wide of the post. In the 91st minute of the game , Saldua made a wonderful pass, and Negredo scored the winning goal, helping Cadiz usher in its first victory of the season.

As a result, Valladolid suffered a 2 -game losing streak. After the game, Valladolid fell to the relegation zone, ranking third from last, while Cadiz rose to second from last.


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