Kane looks to catch up to the top of the Premier League scorer list
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Kane looks to catch up to the top of the Premier League scorer list

In the focus of the fourth round of the 2022/23 Premier League season , Tottenham Hotspur finally defeated the newly-promoted Nottingham Forest 2-0 away from home after scoring a double with their star Kane. After scoring goals in this campaign, Kane has scored as many as 187 goals in the league, tied for third with Andy Cole in the Premier League’s all-time scorer list, only behind 260 teams Shearer, and 208 Wayne Rooney.

In the 4 rounds of this season, Kane has contributed 4 goals for Tottenham Hotspur, and for continuing to attack the top of the Premier League scorer list, Kane said in an interview that he is full of this challenge I’m excited, I also think it’s a long way to go, and I hope to play at my best for a few more years. “I want to score more goals every season and be one of those names we’ve seen before.”

Kane continued, ” Rooney and Shearer are both among the best strikers in the history of English football. It’s very good for me to join this ranks. But I still want to push myself and see what I can achieve. Position. It’s been a good start to the season so far.”

In Tottenham’s game against Nottingham Forest, Cook blocked Perisic’s cross with his hand in the penalty area, but he escaped being shown a red card. A chance to score a goal, then he doesn’t know what counts, and points out that he is very surprised by the referee’s decision.

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