Jumping out of the control framework, Zhuang Zhou was developed by players as a “group control flow”. (two)
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Jumping out of the control framework, Zhuang Zhou was developed by players as a “group control flow”. (two)


Jumping out of the control framework, Zhuang Zhou was developed by players as a "group control flow". (two)

Against control heroes, Zhuang Zhou can definitely add an advantage to the team. Can uncontrol teammates within the range, immune to all control skills, survive a shield to escape or continue to attack.

The immunity and movement speed bonus brought by entering the dream state can improve Zhuang Zhou’s roaming ability, and his teamfight damage performance is even better than that of tanks against Lu. It is his nature to release control. If there is no control hero in the enemy lineup, wouldn’t the selection of this hero be invalid? Zhuang Zhou’s ability to de-control is invincible, and no one can replace it. On the other hand, when his teammates need you to leave the enemy in place, the mechanism does not even have a control skill, and he will be immediately disliked by his teammates and criticized for choosing “useless”. ” of Zhuang Zhou.

Xing Zhaozhi is the key equipment

Although the mechanism is only control release, fortunately there is an auxiliary artifact that fully opens Zhuang Zhou’s pattern and makes up for the lack of control. Players create a set of “group control flow” gameplay for Zhuang Zhou. It will expose the vision of the enemy within 1200 range, causing 50% of the group to slow down. With this equipment, Zhuang Zhou’s group control ability and grass exploration ability are greatly improved.

Not only that, this auxiliary equipment has an active skill. After clicking, it will cause the current 6% spell damage to the enemy within 1200 range, with a 50% deceleration effect. If it does not hit any target, it will return 70% of the cooldown reduction. , there is damage, control, vision, plus Zhuang Zhou’s innate ability to control control, and his own passive entry into a dream state, controllable, controllable, how impressive the combat power is.

Xing Zhaozhi is very beneficial to team battles, but not many players use it. Based on the long-term relationship with the shooter, everyone chose Jiying, which increases attack speed and reduces cooldown reduction. Coming to Zhuang Zhou’s outfit, it is recommended to buy cloth armor shoes and Eternal Night Guardian to improve defense, red lotus cloak can increase clearing speed and team battle damage, arctic storm passive can trigger deceleration effect, and provide 20% of The cooldown was reduced, the Holy Grail returned to blue, and Zhuang Zhou’s skills became more frequent.

source: live.77577.live

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