Jiang Ziya reworked and successfully got rid of the actor label. (two)
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Jiang Ziya reworked and successfully got rid of the actor label. (two)

Jiang Ziya reworked and successfully got rid of the actor label. (two)

Passive conferring gods is the biggest highlight of Jiang Ziya ‘s entire skill mechanism. As we all know, the hero of the general e-sports game is at level 15, but he takes him to the battlefield and upgrades his teammates to level 25. He is the only one in the entire canyon to do it. Previously, the old version of Jiang Ziya’s passive, unconditionally provided experience bonuses to teammates, but after the rework, it needs nourishment to upgrade. Let’s take a look at his new skill mechanism now.

Passive skill

Passive skill “Fengshen”, if Jiang Ziya damages the target and the target dies within 3 seconds, the target will provide himself with 1 to 3 experience light balls, which can increase his experience. When you reach level 15, the power of conferred gods will be restored, and the one-time skill “Blessed Divine Power” will be obtained, and the level cap will be exceeded to level 25. Each time you level up, you will get 20 points of spell attack. Use “Blessing Divine Power” to select a teammate to confer a god on him, infuse 1200 experience, and make it exceed the level cap, and there is a chance to obtain an experience light orb.

one skill

With the first skill “Seal of Divine Power”, Jiang Ziya uses the Staff of Conferring God to seal the enemies within the range, causing 75 spell damage every 0.4 seconds for 3.5 seconds. During the seal period, the enemy will gradually reduce the movement speed, physical and magic defense, up to 50% of the movement speed, 10% of the physical and magic defense. After the skill hits, it grants itself 30% decay movement speed for 1 second.

second skill

The second skill is “God Punishment”. Jiang Ziya imposes divine punishment on those who act recklessly, and releases a magic circle to deal 3 damage to the enemies within the range, each time dealing 60 spell damage. After a short delay, the magic circle explodes, causing another 350 spell damage and 0.75 seconds to knock up.

three skills

The third skill, “The Law of Heaven and Man”, Jiang Ziya gathers the power of heaven and earth in the designated direction and launches three shock waves forward. The first two shock waves each cause 125 spell damage, and the last one deals 600 spell damage. After Jiang Ziya reaches level 15 to restore the power of conferred gods, the speed of charging increases by 10%. The charge lasts for up to 2 seconds. Moving or using the second stage of Skill 3 will immediately release the shock wave. The charging time will affect the attack distance of the shock wave, which can reach a maximum distance of 1800. The shock wave will cause 10% damage to the buildings on the path.

Wait a minute, to eradicate the rhythm of the S29 version, can Jiang Ziya last until the later stage? If you want to know what kind of lineup Jiang Ziya is suitable for, remember to continue to follow 77577 Sports, and the next article will reveal it for you!

source: live.77577.live

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