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Javier Roca Officially Becomes Arema FC Coach | Fans: Comedy | 77577sports

Arema FC’s decision to appoint Javier Roca as the new coach drew a lot of criticism from the fans, not many who called Roca’s quality the same as the newly fired Eduardo Almeida. Roca’s arrival to Arema was welcomed by the management, this can be seen in Arema’s official Instagram post.

“Welcome to the big family of Arema FC, Coach Javier Roca! Let’s together bring Singo Edan to excellence!” Arema wrote on the official Instagram.

After officially joining Arema, Arema Manager, Ali Rifki immediately gave high expectations to Roca because currently Aremania needs positive things to catch up Arema in the Temporary Standings.

“I convey to Javier Roca, do you understand what the demands of the fans are, Aremania wants a Malangan-style game,” said Ali Rifki

“Roca said it’s in my soul, I can make it happen. I can make it happen because that’s my character. With the existing players, I can embody the Malangan style that Aremania wants,” added Ali.

However, fans admitted that they were disappointed with Arema’s management for appointing Roca as Arema’s new coach, plus recently Roca was also fired by Persik Kediri.

“Lahh Lawak,” wrote one fan in the Arema Instagram comment column announcing Javier Roca as the new coach.

“Almeida better until the end of the season,” said another.

Not only that, there are several Instagram accounts that have issued hashtags for the dismissal of the Chilean coach due to dissatisfaction with the decisions taken by Arema’s management.

“Warm up first… #JavierOut,” wrote one Instagram account.

“RochaOut,” added another account.

It has not been confirmed when the new Arema coach will make his debut with Singo Edan. Is Roca able to carry out the responsibility given by Rifki who wants a poor style game?

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