It is difficult to score at the end of the S28 season, and the rank does not rise but falls? (two)
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It is difficult to score at the end of the S28 season, and the rank does not rise but falls? (two)

It is difficult to score at the end of the S28 season, and the rank does not rise but falls? (two)

Tianmei ‘s matching mechanism always arranges players with unequal strengths to team up to play ranked and peak matches. It should be a fair contest, but the system has set it as a high-end player with points, and wants to concentrate on dealing with it. There are five enemies, but teammates have become a stumbling block. It is completely whimsical to want them to perform a little better.

Qualifying for Heroes

The teammates have different strengths, and it is not fun to play the game seriously. The top score depends on luck, which makes the rotten atmosphere prevail. Take out the hero of your life, or the hero you are best at. The operation in the game is like a god, the rank may not rise, hero The winning rate is getting lower and lower, and you are pitted to the point of doubting your life. Simply practice heroes in the qualifying matches. Maybe there is a great god who will fly, saving effort and time.

At first, in order to prevent players from entering the qualifying competition to train heroes, the official added new rules, not allowing the selection of white-card heroes, and heroes with only probationary proficiency can not be brought into the game, the minimum threshold is at least senior level, which is what players say “Blue Hero”.

To be honest, it is not difficult to win if the proficiency meets the requirements of the senior level. According to old players, to play this level, you only need to play a few games in the man-machine mode, which does not take half an hour. Congratulations to your hero for winning Under the blue card.

No matter how high the proficiency is, it is also a name

When a green card hero, or a hero with senior proficiency, enters the game, it can be seen that the player is obviously unfamiliar with the hero mechanism and attributes. Already snickered.

Green card heroes appear in qualifying, which occasionally makes people disgusted. In fact, some heroes have great players who play trumpets behind them. Shangguan Wan’er and Hua Mulan test players’ operating skills and combo skills, and their performance is amazing. On the other hand, some of the most proficient shooters have no idea of their consciousness and movement. When a signal is sent, there will be an enemy ready to attack. Why don’t you surrender in 10 minutes and don’t waste each other’s time, okay?

The bad game environment, as players, we have no management rights, the only thing we can do is to constantly report to the official, hoping to optimize the matching mechanism as soon as possible, and improve the threshold of ranked hero proficiency , if it is stipulated that “elite” heroes can participate In qualifying, the quality of the game may have improved.


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