Is the king’s most expensive skin really worth it? (two)
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Is the king’s most expensive skin really worth it? (two)

Is the king's most expensive skin really worth it? (two)

The most expensive skin , the Glory Collection skin, must be ranked first. The guaranteed value of the skin that is withdrawn is not necessarily low, unless the players are possessed by the god of luck, after 100 to 200 times, they accidentally get the glory crystal, If you usually choose the right time to recharge and return the coupons and points, then the Glory Collection skins redeemed are super worth it.

In terms of skin prices, following the Glory Collection, the latter is the noble skin. To be honest, many players love to rush to V10 nobility, and they don’t hesitate to spend 18,000 yuan to get the title. Although it seems quite fulfilling and can enjoy the sense of vanity brought by the title, the benefits of nobility are purely ordinary, except for the right to share skins. Changed the interface design, avatar frame, noble name, etc. The most worth mentioning is the only V8 noble skin.

In the past, players frantically recharged and upgraded nobles. Because of rumors in the canyon, players who are willing to spend money will receive special treatment from Tianmei . The customer is the first. Since it is an official VIP, the system will match you with stronger teammates to ensure that you are on this path. , unimpeded access. As an old player to give a piece of advice, this rumor is false! Not to mention V10 aristocrats, even professional players can’t avoid the annoying elo mechanism. The higher the level, the worse the teammates will be, which will lead to the poor choices of players. How can people continue to play ranked?

Yu Ji

The limited skin of the nobles of Yu Ji , called the Venus Envoy, will be launched in 2021. It looks like the last divine envoy wakes up in the Crystal Temple, with gorgeous special effects of crystal bursting. When you return to the city, there will be a picture of flower-like crystals gathering and soaring. , When born and resurrected, the crystal blooms like a flower after landing, the voice is sincere and firm, and with the skill sound effect of the crystal burst, the skin is very gorgeous and noble, highlighting the identity of the king and aristocrat.

Rush to the V8 nobles and get the skins automatically, do you think they are expensive? It’s a pity that this skin is not very popular. Looking back at Yu Ji’s skin, although there is no epic quality skin for the time being, most of the civilian players use the free S7 season skin “Queen of Celtic”, and the krypton gold boss loves the limited skin “Farewell to Overlord” Ji” and the legendary quality “Cloud Nique Ling”, the special effects and feel of these two skins are far better than those of the Venus star, so the criticism from a large number of players is not worth it at all.


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