Is the king’s most expensive skin really worth it? (three)
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Is the king’s most expensive skin really worth it? (three)

Is the king's most expensive skin really worth it? (three)

If you have the habit of recharging on weekdays, go to buy skins or other props. After playing the game for a long time, the Venus Envoy will automatically win it. For Krypton Gold, this skin is free. A celebrity ambassador will naturally cost thousands of yuan. You deserve better, advise players not to deliberately punch the skin.

Luban No. 7

When other shooters take the handsome and noble route, only Luban No. 7 is a cute shooter and has always been popular with players. When it is targeted and killed by the enemy, everyone loves to make fun of its “short legs”, often because of its short legs. Walking slowly, there is no time to escape, and without auxiliary protection, the survival rate is quite low.

Don’t look at him short and mistakenly think that the lethality is low. Luban No. 7 has a good strength, and the basic attack damage is calculated by percentage of health. The second skill is harvested all over the map. The person who knows the current affairs is Junjie and is classified as a hero with high popularity. How could Tianmei miss the opportunity to launch more skins for Little Luban to attract players to consume.

Looking back at his skins, there are a total of 7 skins, namely the companion skin “Fu Lu Brothers”, the epic skin “Video Game Boy”, the glory collection skin “Starry Sky Dream”, the battle order limited skin “Lion Dance of the East”, and the hero skin “Spades” Captain”, the limited skin “Ping Pong Junior”, and the limited skin “Yinhu Ruiyan” for the Year of the Tiger.

video game boy

The most gorgeous skin is Starry Sky Dream, the most popular skin is Yinhu Ruiyan, the most affordable is Yinhu Ruiyan, but the most worth mentioning is the video game boy.

Video Game Boy, as the name suggests, the theme of the skin design is video game style, the appearance has a cute and dynamic two-dimensional shape, and the pixel style is integrated into the skill special effects. When returning to the city, the picture of being sucked into the video game space appears. Eight-bit digital sound effects.

The legendary skins sold directly by the general mall are priced at 1688 coupons, and the epic quality skins are 888 coupons. The skins are on the shelves for the first week, and the price will be cheaper if you start with the promotions. do you know? The price of the video game boy marked as epic quality actually requires 2888 points, which is almost double the quality of the legend. What’s the point of the skin? Stay at 77577 Sports , the next part will analyze it for you!


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