Is the king’s most expensive skin really worth it? (Four)
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Is the king’s most expensive skin really worth it? (Four)

Is the king's most expensive skin really worth it? (Four)

A video game boy marked as epic quality, the price exceeds any legendary quality skin, and requires 2888 coupons. Players who have just entered the pit must feel that Tianmei is too good at attracting gold. What are the highlights of this skin, which leads to the price?

Carefully observe the special effects and modeling of Luban No. 7 “Game Boy”, you will find that the quality exceeds the general legendary skin, and is comparable to the glory collection skin. This skin also has several star element suits. After purchasing the skin, players can replace him with the original skin. Some purple-red video game costumes and special effects are replaced with purple-yellow, green-red and yellow-red. In addition, the official also launched the skin’s exclusive personalized button “play explosion” for him.

Previously, there were really not many skin options for Luban No. 7. In addition, each old skin was not optimized. Players would rather buy new battle order skins and Year of the Tiger skins. Later, the skin optimization plan was launched, and any hero skins and epic skins were upgraded in quality. , everyone returned to the new “old skin”, and the video game boy immediately became the favorite of players.

After playing the game for a long time, if you have enough 288 skin fragments, then congratulations first, you will get the video game boy for free, because the skin is often reincarnated in the fragment store. Have you suddenly felt that this skin is not very expensive? A Ke ‘s “Dark Night Catwoman” is another exception, which is also an epic-quality skin with 2888 points.

Sun Wukong

In my impression, all the legendary skins are priced at 1688 points, but some of them are still quite different, priced at 1788 points. Although no one understands where the difference lies, it may be closely related to the quality of the skin. Since the launch of Sun Wukong ‘s mecha skin “No. 0·Red Flame”, it can be seen that the legendary skins that have been put on the shelves are all priced at 1788 coupons. Fortunately, they are sold in the first week. With discounts, only about 1450 coupons are needed after the discount, plus the recharge coupon return activity before the skin is launched, there is no five-kill player in poverty.

No. 0·Red Flame, is a joint skin of Bandai. The designers of both parties have done their best to present it. It looks like a mecha with an outside style. It has skill special effects that are full of mecha feeling. detection. In addition, this skin has a small easter egg, and when displayed in full screen, there is a display background of the traditional Monkey King image.

The quality of this skin exceeded players’ expectations, so it was well received, and even if the skin was more expensive, players still felt that it was worth the money.


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