Is the king’s most expensive skin really worth it? (five)
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Is the king’s most expensive skin really worth it? (five)

Is the king's most expensive skin really worth it? (five)

There are more than 100 heroes in the Canyon of Kings , but unfortunately not all of them are “free”. Free here means that you don’t have to spend a cent in reality to bring the heroes home. There are always exceptions. There are three heroes, and they cannot use the money in the game. They can directly own it after purchase. The mall only accepts coupons for payment, and players are forced to recharge.

Wu Zetian is so precious

Which hero is so big? Will its strength be particularly high? The answer is revealed. The three heroes, Ying Zheng, Zhao Yun and Wu Zetian, do not accept bricks and gold coins for payment. Ying Zheng and Zhao Yun need coupons to buy, but Wu Zetian needs to extract the glory crystal to exchange. Point coupons, you will draw a glory crystal, bad luck will prepare more than 20,000 coupons, and slowly wait until the treasure is full, and the crystal will come out.

One can imagine how expensive the hero Wu Zetian is. Before putting on the skin, one has to own the hero first, and exchange Wu Zetian with crystals, and the next step is her skin. There are three skins for this mage, namely the hero-level “Eastern Invincible”, the legendary “Ocean Heart” and the “Nyx Oracle” of the Glory Collection.

Glory Collection skin, more expensive

The Oracle of Nyx, looks like the Queen of the Universe, has the special effects of the Milky Way stars, and the internal effects are really good. Just using the ultimate move can see Wu Zetian randomly summon five planets with different attributes through the black hole to attack. After being defeated, Wu Zetian fell into the universe, and when he was resurrected, the queen of the universe came again, and the voice was the supreme god, and the sound effect was like an empty god.

The hero itself needs a crystal, and another Glory Collection has to win the treasure again, and the wallet is emptied. According to players with this skin, if you are lucky, you can actually draw crystals for about 7,000 coupons. If you are unlucky, it will cost you about 10,000. Maybe the first crystal is more expensive. If you draw a second time, the guaranteed value will decrease. .

For civilian players, only local rich players can afford two Glory Crystals. It is better to save skin fragments, exchange skins for free, or occasionally give yourself a small gift to start with a legendary skin.

Want to know what other expensive skins to refresh the three views? Friends remember to continue to follow 77577 Sports , and the next article will discuss Santa Claus in the canyon!


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