International friendly – Niclas Füllkrug scores on debut as Germany beat Oman 1-0
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International friendly – Niclas Füllkrug scores on debut as Germany beat Oman 1-0

In order to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar , “German Chariot” Germany went to an away game to play a friendly match, and after relying on the substitute Niclas Füllkrug to score a goal, they finally defeated the West Asian team Oman 1-0.

Nine minutes into the game, Germany began to pose a threat. Raum took a corner kick from the frontcourt, but Chelsea star Haverts tried a header in the penalty area but missed it. In the 14th minute, Gretzka sent a through ball, and Haverts pushed forward but was saved.

In the 24th minute, Gentle was hit on the head by the ball and fell to the ground. Fortunately, he was able to continue the game without hindrance. In the 29th minute, Germany ushered in a free kick opportunity, but Sane took the penalty because the angle was too straight, and the ball was directly caught by the Oman goalkeeper. In the 45th minute, Raum made a pass from the left side of the front court. Mukoko shot on the right side of the penalty area but hit the post and popped out. Then Gretzka’s supplementary shot was also blocked by the opposing player.

Germany to face Japan in first round of World Cup group stage

In the 51st minute of the second half, Oman made a mistake when passing back from the backcourt. Niclas Füllkrug​ , who came off the bench, got the ball and scored into the penalty area, but the ball was blocked by the goalkeeper when he shot. In the 64th minute, Sane attacked the goal from the left side of the front field, but the ball missed the post. In the 72nd minute, Ahmai sent a cross from the right side of the front field, and Ghasani tried to kick the ball into the empty goal after getting the ball in front of the goal but it went wide, making Oman lose an excellent opportunity to score.

In the 80th minute, Havertz scored on the right side of the penalty area and then crossed to the middle. Niclas Füllkrug responded and then pushed a shot from the far corner to help Germany break the deadlock 1-0. It is worth mentioning that this is also Niclas Füllkrug’s first appearance in the national team to score. In the 83rd minute, Havertz shot from the top of the arc. After the opponent’s goalkeeper attacked and saved the ball not far away, Niclas Füllkrug immediately shot the ball into the empty goal, but the referee on duty pointed out that it was offside first, so the goal was ruled invalid. .

In the end, Germany still defeated Oman 1-0, successfully marking the World Cup with a victory. In addition, Germany will face Japan in the first group match of the World Cup on November 23.


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