Indonesia Badminton Team Trains Extra, To Defeat Viktor Axelsen | 77577sports
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Indonesia Badminton Team Trains Extra, To Defeat Viktor Axelsen | 77577sports

The coach of the Indonesia men’s pair, Irwansyah, revealed that his platoon overtrained and strengthened themselves. This was done in order to be able to perform well in every event, including beating the current world number 1 badminton player Viktor Axelsen.

Indonesian Badminton Team Trains Extra, To Defeat Viktor Axelsen | 77577sports

This was conveyed by Irwansyah to when meeting at the PP PBSI Cipayung National Training Center, Wednesday (14/9/2022). Irwansyah explained that content about Viktor Axelsen, including how to beat a Danish badminton player, was always leaked in every practice.

“We always talk about every training. However, it has to be like this, If we play Viktor. We previously had a direction. Still, to come a great player, there has to be overtraining. Players have fresh strokes, physicality and other training.” said Irwansyah.
According to him, the physical condition of the players wasn’t a problem. He believes that it’s only a matter of time before he can achieve the anticipated achievements.

” The redundant exercise causes cramps. So, their cramps aren’t because they aren’t fit, but our training is like that,” said Irwansyah.

Viktor Axelsen is indeed a” monster” in the men’s mates sector at this time.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold semifinalist is veritably dominating.

Of the nine events he has shared in this time, Axelsen has won five titles, including the 2022 All England. Interestingly, Axelsen also defeated three Indonesian players when he managed to reach all five titles.
The three Indonesia men’s mates in question are Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, Jonatan Christie, and Shesar Hiren Rhustavito. Compared to Jonathan and Shesar, Ginting has fought Axelsen the most this time. He has faced Axelsen five times, all of which ended in defeat. Irwansyah also explained the tactics to beat Viktor Axelsen.

” Indeed, Viktor does not die fluently. That is why you have to be stalwart in defending. We’ll strengthen his defense again,” he said.

” Viktor just has to attack, his opponent’s defense is just a little bitback.However, it’s easy for Viktor because he has a long ball range, If you keep attacking. So, when playing, it can make him run, when he attacks we will (reply),” said Irwansyah.

He emphasized that five consecutive defeats from Axelsen this time did not make Ginting take sides. Even so, Irwansyah emphasized that his platoon still asked for the help of psychologists to help shape the intelligence of Ginting et al. Irwansyah said that he was in a band with PBSI. In addition, they want a motivator or psychologist to shape (their intelligence). Actually the way of playing our players can compete with Viktor, all 5050.


“Still sometimes there are studies, ‘Oh, can’t get in, how come’. So, to break it, you have to be more resistant to your mindset. On the pitch it’s not a matter of who is better, but also of how you think. Initially there were psychologists , but I think it’s been more specific. The coach has given style, but there must be a specialist who strengthens (mentally) again.’ Someone as hard as Viktor, you can access,’ words like that motivate, “He continued

“The intelligence that must be formed and as a coach needs to be supported by people like that because the position (players) used to be top,” added Irwansyah.


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