If Skriniar doesn’t renew his contract, he could be on fire sale
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If Skriniar doesn’t renew his contract, he could be on fire sale

Italian journalist Fabrizio Biassin has revealed that Paris Saint-Germain has offered Inter Milan defender Skriniar an annual salary of 8 million euros.

Although Inter Milan intends to renew the contract with Skriniar , Zhang Kangyang’s sincerity is not enough. Inter Milan can only provide a maximum of 6.5 million euros, and expects to get a reply from the player in a short time, because the club needs to consider a replacement. However, Skriniar has not yet made a clear statement of his whereabouts.

Inter Milan may sell Skriniar in January if the contract is not renewed. In fact, the crisis of Inter Milan needs to be alleviated by selling core players. Although Zhang Kangyang has started the process of transferring all the equity of the club, this can only be done in the long term. In the short term, he still needs to rely on the sale of players to support the operation of the club.

Given that Inter Milan wants to send Skriniar away in the summer window of 2022 , this renewal is obviously to ask the buyer for a higher transfer fee.

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