Ibrahimovic says Milan have done well since his return and have made great progress
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Ibrahimovic says Milan have done well since his return and have made great progress

Ibrahimovic was interviewed while participating in the Globe Football Awards . He talked about his comeback and the topic of Milan.

Ibrahimovic had undergone surgery on his left knee before, and will return in about January 2023 according to the original plan . He said that he really wants to return to the court. He is currently in good condition, feeling much better, and is working hard to recover.

For the 8 points behind Naples in Serie A , Ibrahimovic said that the situation this season is a bit special. He was unable to play in the first half and hoped to come back in the second half. Although Milan performed well this year, Naples performed better, and the standings already speak for themselves. But the second half of the season will be more important, they firmly believe that they can win the Serie A championship.

Ibrahimovic also said that the Champions League is always difficult. There are various possibilities for the result of the game against Tottenham. Ibrahimovic believes that the two sides are evenly matched. Therefore, you need to maintain a good state when facing this kind of game.

Regarding the growth of Milan, Ibrahimovic said: “Since my return, the team has performed well and has made great progress. Maldini and Marsala have done a great job. Thanks to them, Milan can be successful. They and the club We’re all growing, we’re all doing our part, and we’re all taking our responsibilities.”

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