Gerard Pique Announces Retirement: “There Is No Other Team After Barca”
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Gerard Pique Announces Retirement: “There Is No Other Team After Barca”

Gerard Pique Announces Retirement: “There Is No Other Team After Barca”

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique made a surprising decision. The former Manchester United player decided to retire from football after his last game at the Nou Camp on Saturday (5/11/2022). The 35-year-old player suddenly decided to leave Barcelona. This surprising announcement, Pique conveyed through an emotional video that he uploaded on his personal social media account on Friday (4/11/2022) early morning WIB.

As we know, previously Gerard Pique has supported giant club Manchester United for four years. In his social media posts, Gerards said he didn’t think there would be another team after Barca and that’s how it would be.

Sports journalist Fabrizio Romano on his Instagram account @Fabriziorom, Friday (4/11/2022) confirmed the news of Pique’s retirement. Fabrizio said the Spaniard had made up his mind to hang up his boots. Of course, Pique’s decision was quite surprising for Barcelona supporters.

“Gerard Piqué has officially decided to retire,” wrote Fabrizio.

He said there was a farewell match for Pique at the end of his career. To be precise, during the Barcelona match against Almeria in the Spanish League continued, Saturday (5/11/2022) or Sunday (6/11/2022) at 03.00 WIB.

“He will play his last game at Camp Nou. Pique will leave Barcelona and will also soon end his professional career,” said Fabrizio.

The Italian journalist said the player’s contract would automatically end with Barcelona. Although Pique is still under contract until June 2024.


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“The contract will be terminated. Pique will leave his salary for the rest of his season (at Barcelona),” said Fabrizio.

Gerard Pique decision

After a series of extraordinary successes in football, Pique finally felt that it was time for him to hang up his boots.

“It’s been 25 years since I joined Barcelona, ​​I left and came back. Football has given me everything. Barca have given me everything. You guys, Culers, have given me everything. And now that the boy’s dream has been fulfilled, I have decided that it is time to end the adventure.”

“I’ve always said that after Barca there won’t be another team, and that’s how it is. This Saturday will be my last game at Camp Nou,” he explained.

“I will be a regular supporter and will push the team. Not only that, but I will also pass on the love of the team to the children. Just like my family did to me. And you know me, sooner or later, I will be back. See you at Camp Nou. Visca el Barca, always.” he continued.


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