Friendly match – Neymar assists Richarlison twice, Brazil beats Ghana 3-0
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Friendly match – Neymar assists Richarlison twice, Brazil beats Ghana 3-0

Brazil beat Ghana 3-0 in their first international friendly in September.

In the first half, Marquinhos opened the scoring, and Neymar assisted Richarlison twice to score. In the second half, Andre Ayew headed the lintel, and Cunha lost a good chance to score.

first half

Only 9 minutes after the opening, Brazil took the first corner kick: Rafinha took a corner kick from the right and Marchinhos headed it.

Before that, the Selecao had two very threatening shots: in the 5th minute, Paqueta returned from the bottom right, but Richarlison’s shot was ridiculously high. 2 minutes later, Vinicius passed the ball into the penalty area, and Paqueta followed up and failed to hit.

After 36 minutes, Brazil continued its dominant performance against Ghana. In the 14th minute, Vinicius cut into the box from the left and crossed for Rafinha to deflect the ball from close range. In the 20th minute, Neymar got the ball from Vinicius and pushed it into the near corner, but was saved by Wollacott; so he sent a through ball from the front court 8 minutes later, assisting Richarlison to score a long-range shot.

In the 40th minute, Neymar took a free kick from the left in the frontcourt, and Richarlison headed the goal and scored another victory.

second half

At the opening stage of the second half, Ghana got the only chance to score in the game, but missed the goal: In the 56th minute, Kudus took a corner kick from the left and Andre Ayew’s header hit the crossbar.

On the other side, Tito sent a group of substitute players from the 63rd minute – Fabinho replaced Casemiro, Cunha replaced Richarlison, Anthony replaced Vinicius, Ribeiro replaced Paqueta and Rodrigo replaced Rafinha. Even so, Brazil still had a chance to break Ghana’s goal before the end: In the 87th minute, Rodrigo’s left-footed shot was blocked by Wollacott’s hands, but Cunha missed a close-up shot.

After that, neither team made any achievements, Brazil finally beat Ghana 3-0.


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