Frequent online skin is a smokescreen, and the real plan to attract money is behind?
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Frequent online skin is a smokescreen, and the real plan to attract money is behind?

Frequent online skin is a smokescreen, and the real plan to attract money is behind?

Since the five limited skins for the Year of the Tiger of the Spring Festival were launched, the following days in the canyon, it was pouring rain, and the skins were launched one after another. It has been nine months. Recently began to optimize and redo the old skin.

In order to make players consume, they also dispatched linked skins, co-created skins, emotional skins, and boosted skin popularity and sales. There are countless skins, but the quality is not necessarily excellent, which has attracted a large number of players to frantically spray. Tianmei completely ignored them and ignored their feedback. On the contrary, the skin plan cannot be stopped.

After playing the game for a long time, have you noticed that the skin is only part of the plan? Last season, the official launch of personalized buttons and personalized canopy, all of them can not be obtained for free, you have to recharge and spend points to get, a good e-sports game, suddenly transformed into a krypton game, players are curious, in fact, this is already online. Is the six-year game going to get cold? Do you want to make enough money before the service is stopped?

At first, Tianmei’s actions were questionable. Instead of planning and optimizing the game environment and matching mechanism, you should focus on the innocuous skin. The purpose of the skin is only to be beautiful, to improve the hand feel, and to use a smoother connection of skills. As for frequent online to achieve this point, right?

Ambitious Tianmei

Previously, some players pointed out that behind the skin rain, the possibility of server suspension was hidden, but it was overturned. The old players were fed up with the deterioration of the game and the bad game environment. Although it is often exposed that tens of thousands of players have withdrawn from the game every season, it is classified as the most popular mobile game, and a large number of new players have joined.

In the past nine months, no one knows the reason behind it. After the update of the next season broke out, it was finally discovered that the skin rain was a smokescreen, and the real killer will be launched! It turned out that the planning was not in vain, and she wanted to make money while lying down. No matter how good or bad her skin was, she was still online. Tianmei, who was meticulous in her mind, was indeed very ambitious, with a large number of skins and poor quality. Was it intentional? What exactly is Tianmei’s plan to attract money, friends, remember to follow 77577 Sports , the next article will reveal it for you!


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