Frequent online skin is a smokescreen, and the real plan to attract money is behind? (two)
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Frequent online skin is a smokescreen, and the real plan to attract money is behind? (two)

Frequent online skin is a smokescreen, and the real plan to attract money is behind? (two)

Previously, a large number of players pointed out that the main reason for the frequent launch of skins was that Tianmei met Genshin Impact in the mobile game industry. Although the game was classified as a world exploration and role-playing game, it became an instant hit in just a few months, with rapid development and scale. Become bigger, the annual income is comparable to Tencent, players will not hesitate to spend thousands of yuan in order to draw their favorite characters, and krypton gold will never be soft.

On the other hand, the glory of the king of e-sports games is the only place to make money. The items sold seem to be only skins and bits and pieces of props. Tianmei has to think about it in the long run, think deeply, think about what gimmicks can attract players to consume, and finally start. After the skin rain, one skin is launched every week, which has become the unchanging law of the canyon, and now it has developed into personalized buttons, personalized sky curtains, in-game special effects and so on.

At first, everyone thought that the designer was rotten, and the king game was ready to cool down, so they had to transform to focus on skin and social interaction, but forgot to optimize the matching mechanism and punishment, and retain players who wanted to score higher.

skin customization system

However, in the past nine months, the skin was launched, and everything was a smokescreen. Tianmei’s skin-sucking plan was finally announced in the S29 season, adding a skin customization system. Previously, all Xingyuan skins, in-game special effects and other customizations had their own classifications. Now all special effects and skin settings will be integrated into a skin customization system. With just one button, the effects of the same series can be changed.

This skin customization system also gives you the opportunity to match four sets of Xingyuan skins. Think about the price of a Xingyuan skin at about 440 points. If you want to get four sets of skins, you need about 2,500 points in total, not counting the original skins. The price, Tianmei is careful, the system is convenient for everyone to customize, and players also need to spend money to make skins.

Not only that, the S29 season has more team banners in the sky, emphasizing the unity of the team through special effects, and the like function will be replaced by a cheer function, which can also be personalized and customized. As for the Xingyuan system, skin tags and quality boxes have been added to facilitate the differentiation of skin prices.

Optimize the Xingyuan system, add personalized sky curtains and other special effects, all need coupons to buy special effects customization, Tianmei’s ultimate skin plan is self-defeating, revealing one by one, friends continue to stay at 77577 Sports , the next article will continue to analyze Tianmei for you Beautiful ambition.


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