Frequent online skin is a smokescreen, and the real plan to attract money is behind? (three)
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Frequent online skin is a smokescreen, and the real plan to attract money is behind? (three)

Frequent online skin is a smokescreen, and the real plan to attract money is behind? (three)

Maybe the friends still can’t see where Tianmei ‘s ambition to attract gold is? After the game is updated, the new season will purely usher in a personalized game panel. Players can follow their own preferences, design and adjust any special effects, and the new customization system will be more friendly to players. One button to complete all settings, there is nothing inappropriate.

Players should not forget the skin customization system. Four new star skins will be added, which means that new and old skins in the future will have a high chance of getting four star skins. There are 445 skins in the entire canyon, and there are 2225 star elements in total. This skin, if a set of Xingyuan skin is calculated according to 2500 points, players who are interested in making do with all the skins need to spend 1,112,500 points. Before you know it, everyone spends 111,250 to buy skins in the game, which shows that this skin has a great ability to attract money. how strong.

Buying skins alone cost 111,250, and the planning for the new season is even more customized special effects such as defeating, returning to the city, trailing, canopy, buttons, etc., to collect all the in-game effects, and then match them with the same series of special effects. Special effects, I am afraid it will cost more than 200,000 coupons.

More than 400 skins are just a starting point

Back to the topic of skin launch speed, there are currently 445 skins in the canyon. The skin rain has not stopped since the Spring Festival this year. On the contrary, it has intensified. By the New Year next year, I believe there are more than 500 skins in the canyon. Then I figured out this skin plan. The income is astronomical. Could it be that you haven’t seen Tianmei’s wild king?

Large quantity, poor quality

Many players complain that Tianmei does not optimize the game environment and focuses on launching skins, but the quality is not necessarily better. Complaining that the special effects of the skins are not pleasing, they are right in their trap. Once the skin quality does not meet the requirements, it will meet the aesthetics. At this time, we have two choices. The first choice is of course not to buy skins at all. The latter is to spend money to buy better skins. The quality of Xingyuan skins is better than the skins of the main body. Can’t match Xingyuan, deliberately mess up the skin, the probability of buying Xingyuan is greatly increased, and the scheming is too heavy. Players must remember to consume rationally. Heroes that are useless on weekdays can be taken directly without deliberately purchasing stars or original skins.


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