Football news: Monza player Mari stabbed in supermarket attack, 1 dead, 4 injured
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Football news: Monza player Mari stabbed in supermarket attack, 1 dead, 4 injured

Spanish footballer Pablo Mari and four others in Monza were stabbed in a shopping mall in the town of Assago outside Milan on Thursday, Italian gendarmerie police said.

A 46 -year-old suspect has been taken into custody, but the motive for the supermarket attack is unclear.

Gendarmerie police said one person died, a 47 -year-old Bolivian national who worked in a supermarket. Another employee and four customers were injured, including Mali, whose agents said his injuries were not serious.

Pablo – Marie had a fairly deep wound on his back, which luckily didn’t touch his vital organs, such as his lungs or otherwise. Not life-threatening and should recover quickly.

Blessings to Pablo Mari and deep sadness for the employee who died

North London club Arsenal said in a tweet that it sympathized with Mali and the other victims, adding. “We have contacted Pablo’s agent and he told us he was in the hospital and was not seriously injured.”

“Dear Pablo, we are all close to you and your family, we wish you, to keep fighting because you know what to do, you are a fighter and you will recover quickly,” Monza CEO Adri Jarno Galliani said on the club’s Twitter.

Supermarket giant Carrefour has confirmed one of its employees died in the attack in Assago. The company said it was “deeply saddened” by the news and offered its condolences to the families of the killed employees and other victims.



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