Football news: FIFA pleads with World Cup nations to focus on football in Qatar
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Football news: FIFA pleads with World Cup nations to focus on football in Qatar

FIFA has sent a letter to World Cup teams urging them to focus on Qatari football and not allow the sport to be dragged into ideological or political ” battles “, British media reported on Thursday.

The letter from FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Governing Body Secretary General Fatma Samura follows numerous protests by the World Cup teams over issues ranging from LGBTIQ rights to concerns over the treatment of migrant workers. .

Sky News quoted Infantino and Samura in a letter to the 32 countries participating in the World Cup: ” Please, let’s focus on football now !”

Last week, the Australian football team spoke out against Qatar’s record on human rights and same-sex relations.

The Danish Football Association ( DBU ) told local media last month that Danish players would travel to the World Cup without their families in protest over the country’s human rights record.


Football takes center stage

The Australian football team was not immediately available to Reuters for comment on the FIFA letter on Friday. Reuters also contacted the DBU for comment.

” At FIFA, we strive to respect all views and beliefs rather than teach moral lessons to the rest of the world, ” Infantino said in the letter, according to Sky.

One of the world’s great strengths is indeed its diversity, and if inclusion means anything, it means respecting that diversity. No nation, culture, or country is ‘ better ‘ than any other.

This principle is the cornerstone of mutual respect and non-discrimination. This is one of the core values of football. So please keep that in mind and let football take center stage.


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