Football news: Conte slams post-World Cup “crazy”schedule
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Football news: Conte slams post-World Cup “crazy”schedule

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte has criticised England’s post-World Cup schedule, with the Carabao Cup set to take place just days after the final in Qatar next month.

The World Cup started on November 20 and will end on December 18 , while the fourth round of the League Cup is scheduled for this week and the top flight resumes on December 26 .

Ahead of Sunday’s league clash with Liverpool, Conte said he was concerned about the welfare of his players.

We know the situation, we know it’s crazy to put the World Cup in the league and the Champions League. Conte told reporters: ” This type of schedule is crazy.


Impossible situation

Honestly, it’s really weird in England to start playing three days after the World Cup final. They are the only country to do so, while Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and others are taking their time off.

December 21st is crazy, with a game in the League Cup three days before the final. In three more days, football must be played in the Premier League.

Hear about player welfare a lot, but it’s just a way to give back because if the schedule is like that, they’re not really worried about player welfare.

Conte said football’s governing body had created an “impossible” situation, with both domestic leagues and UEFA trying to cram games ahead of the World Cup.


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