Football news: Canada goalkeeper Crepo to miss World Cup with broken leg
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Football news: Canada goalkeeper Crepo to miss World Cup with broken leg

Goalkeeper Maxim Crepo suffered a fractured right leg in the MLB Cup final over the weekend and will miss the World Cup in Qatar, the Canadian soccer team said on Monday.

The Los Angeles FC goalkeeper was expected to be one of the replacements for Qatar‘s Milan Boljan, Canada’s first return to the World Cup since 1986 , but was injured in an extra-time collision.

It was definitely a foul, but Crepo was even worse. Both players were injured, but Crepo appeared to have a broken leg as he rolled in pain on the turf.

After a lengthy suspension, Crepo was stretched off the field and sent off for a challenge.Somehow, the referee thought Crepo’s challenge was just a yellow card at first. He had to cancel the gameafter aVAR review and showed the goalkeeper red as he was stretched off the field.


Didn’t feel much pain

Crepo gave a thumbs up and seemed to show that despite his injury, he wasn’t in much pain.

Still, FOX Broadcaster decided not to rebroadcast the event.

When Crepo went off, the game was tied 2-2 and the Lakers trailed 3-2 , only for star player Gareth Bale to tie it with a superb header in the 129th minute.

After the game, LAFC coach Steve Cerendolo said he videotaped Crepo but still doesn’t know the extent of his leg injury.

If Crepo’s injury is confirmed, he will be out of the World Cup in Canada in Qatar later in November .



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