Football news: Barca’s Pique says he feels free in retirement decision
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Football news: Barca’s Pique says he feels free in retirement decision

Retired Barcelona centre-back Gerard Pique said he felt free when coach Xavi Hernandez took him off in the 83rd minute of Saturday’s 2-0 win over Almeria.

He a standing ovation as he left the crowded Camp Nou in tears.

Pique, 35, announced on Friday that it would be his last game at the historic stadium as he decides to retire next week when the La Liga World Cup rests.

” When I left the pitch, it was like taking a heavy load off my back, ” Pique told DAZN. “The past few months have been really tough, and today I feel liberated. It’s been an experience I’ll never forget.

Enormous pressure

Pique, who started the game as captain on Saturday, has been heavily criticized for his poor form this season and has fallen out of favor with coach Harvey Hernandez, who reportedly As the season approached, he asked him to leave or retire.

The signings of center-backs Andreas Christensen, Jules Kunde, and Eric Garcia, and the breakout of young player Ronald Araujo kept the 35 -year-old Pique out of the squad.

There is even more pressure on his salary, which is reportedly the most at a financially troubled club. Every euro is likely to affect their ability to sign or register new players facing La Liga’s Financial Fair Play scrutiny.

One of the best central defenders

According to multiple reports, Pique will forgo the remaining year and a half of his salary, a decision that will help Barcelona improve their Financial Fair Play margins.

” Pique was great today, proving once again that the bigger the game, the bigger the reward, ” Xavi told DAZN. ” I told him that he is a Barca legend and we are very grateful for his years at the club. ”

After the game, Pique was held high by his teammates, and the fans chanted ” President! President! President! ” to celebrate. Because he is widely seen in Barcelona as a future candidate to take over the role.

Meanwhile, Pique is considered one of the best center-backs of his generation, having collected 36 trophies in his 18-year career, including four Champions League titles, as well as a World Cup and European titles.



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