Failed to bring victory to Arema FC, Eduardo Almeida dismissed | 77577sports
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Failed to bring victory to Arema FC, Eduardo Almeida dismissed | 77577sports

Arema FC club management officially dismissed Eduardo Almeida from his duties as coach in the middle of the BRI League 1 competition. The club manager nicknamed Singo Edan, Ali Rifky admitted that he had to make the decision to fire Almeida. The last match of BRI Liga 1 under his tutelage was a defeat. Rifky also added that the decision to dismiss Almeida was officially ratified.

The management said that Almeida had been given enough opportunities. Moreover, Arema has not been smooth since starting the competition. Rifky also explained that the current situation was to refresh Singo Edan’s squad to return to a more optimal condition and support the club to regain victory.

“This refresh is important so that the team is back on the track on the target track set by the management, which is that every match is a final and get maximum points,” said Rifky.

The sacking of the Portugal national team coach was not a one-sided action. However, the performance given by Almeida did not satisfy the Arema Club management. Arema’s appearance in the last few matches has received many defeats as evidence of Almeida’s lack of strategy.

During his coaching period, BRI Liga 1 Arema only recorded 3 wins, 2 draws and 3 defeats. Thanks to this record, now the pride of the Malang community has not moved from the top of the BRI League 1 standings. Arema currently occupies the middle board in the rankings. 8th with 11 points.

Almeida’s dismissal certainly left the coach’s seat vacant for a while. The manager, Rifky appointed a caretaker to fill the vacant position until there was a new coach candidate. A coach who has an AFC A Pro license or equivalent to become Almeida’s permanent replacement.

Rifky said that as a replacement for Almeida, the management appointed Coach Kuncoro as caretaker. Arema management took this decision to handle the team together. Almeida is the sixth coach to leave his position in Liga 1. Previously there were Robert Rene ALberts, Javier Roca, Jacksen F. Tiago, Sergio Alexandre, and Dejan Antonic.


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