Exclusive: Son Heung-min expected to play in World Cup after surgery
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Exclusive: Son Heung-min expected to play in World Cup after surgery

On the evening of November 4, British local time, the Daily Telegraph confirmed that Son Heung-min had successfully completed the orbital fracture repair operation, and the possibility of him representing the South Korean team in the 2022 Qatar World Cup still exists.

South Korean left winger Son Heung-min, who is currently playing for Tottenham Hotspur, suffered a severe blow to the face in Tuesday’s Champions League group match away from Marseille. After examination, it was found that he had four fractures in his left eye socket and required surgery.

Optimistic about Son Heung-min’s prospects

According to the “Daily Telegraph” report, Son Heung-min moved forward the surgery time from this weekend to November 4, in an effort to complete his comeback in the group stage of the World Cup. The newspaper also said that the medical team is optimistic about Son Heung-min’s participation in this World Cup – his South Korean team will have their first match against Uruguay on November 24.

The “Daily Telegraph” also took De Bruyne as an example, believing that the hope of Son Heung-min’s participation in the 2022 World Cup still exists – the Manchester City midfielder suffered a fracture of the bridge of the nose and orbit in the Champions League final in May 2021, and underwent surgery. . However, in less than three weeks, he still represented Belgium in the European Cup.

another opinion

On the other hand, Hong Jong-won, a Korean plastic surgery expert, is more pessimistic about Son Heung-min’s competition prospects. According to him, Son Heung-min needs to rest for at least a month, and he will not be able to return until December 1 at the earliest. Before that, South Korea will have two World Cup group matches – against Uruguay on November 24, and then against Ghana on the 28th.

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