Europa League – Nketiah scores as Arsenal beat Zurich 2-1
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Europa League – Nketiah scores as Arsenal beat Zurich 2-1

The 2022/23 Europa League group stage staged the first match of Group A. The Premier League giants Arsenal, who went to the away game, scored the first goal of their debut with young player Marquinhos, and then assisted Enkai in the second half. Tia scored and finally beat Swiss champion Zurich 2-1.

Seven minutes into the game, Arsenal made a mistake when passing the ball in the backcourt, and Ayegon attacked the goal from a small angle and was blocked. In the 11th minute, Marquinhos made a pass from the left, and Martinelli shot from the back but went wide.

In the 17th minute, Nketia advanced from the left to the penalty area in the frontcourt. After following up, the 19-year-old Marchinhos seized the opportunity to score and help Arsenal lead Zurich 1-0. In addition, this is also the first time that Marchinhos has scored a goal in an official game on behalf of Arsenal.

In the 24th minute, Arsenal took a right corner kick and was cleared. Xhaka attacked from the left penalty area and was saved by the opponent’s goalkeeper. In the 34th minute, Zurich ushered in a chance to counterattack. Ayegon took Ochita’s cross and tried to attack but failed to shoot on target. Cernas’ shot from the back was also blocked from the bottom line.

In the 43rd minute, Eliti was knocked to the ground by Enlaitia in the penalty area, and the referee on duty directly awarded a penalty kick. Then Koyets made a free throw to help Zurich equalize 1-1.

In the 52nd minute of the second half, Xhaka sent a through ball from the middle. Tierney followed up and the goal was confiscated by the goalkeeper. In the 56th minute, Xhaka sent another through ball on the left, Martinelli plugged in and attacked the goal from a small angle but higher than the goal post. In the 62nd minute, Marquinhos , who had made great achievements before, made an oblique pass from outside the penalty area on the right to the goal.

In the 77th minute, Arsenal arranged for Jesus to play and replaced Nketiah, who made a good pass and shot. In the 81st minute, Jesus received the ball from the right and then cut inside to attack the goal and was confiscated by the goalkeeper. In the 87th minute, Odegaard sent a through ball, Martinelli followed up from the left and then crossed, and then Jesus’ shot was blocked from the baseline.

In the stoppage time of the second half, Xhaka made a diagonal pass from outside the penalty area on the left, but Jesus did not touch the ball after Jesus in front of the goal followed up. In the end, Arsenal beat Zurich 2-1 away to get a good start in the Europa League.

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