Eight football clubs fined Ligue 1 PSG for breaching UEFA’s financial balancing rules
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Eight football clubs fined Ligue 1 PSG for breaching UEFA’s financial balancing rules

The official organization of UEFA today released a fine, saying it investigated eight clubs for breaching the financial breakeven rules in the UEFA Finance Act (FFP) between 2018 and 2022, and will punish eight clubs A total of 172 million euros in fines were imposed.

It is reported that UEFA launched the Finance Act (FFP) in 2012 and used this act to sanction violating clubs. The purpose of the Act is to regulate the expenditure and earnings of clubs that are eligible to play in order to achieve a financial plan in which teams can break even with regard to their football-related financial activities.

UEFA’s investigation period is nearly five years, and teams that overspend and violate the rules will need to pay the amount of fines. Among the 8 clubs fined, the one with the highest fine of 10 million euros is the French Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) , which is likely to be related to the overrun of the team’s account at the expense of high salaries to attract stars.

In addition, the fined Ligue 1 clubs are Monaco and Marseille (fines of 300,000 euros). The Serie A clubs involved in the fine list include Roma (fine 5 million euros), Inter Milan (fine 4 million euros), Juventus (fine 3.5 million euros), AC Milan (fine 2 million euros). Turkish Super League team Besiktas will also be fined 600,000 euros, with the eight clubs slapped with a total of 172 million euros.

However, UEFA also stated that the total amount of fines of 172 million euros can be postponed, and only 15% of the fines, or a total of 26 million euros, are currently required to be paid. As for the remaining 146 million euros in total fines, UEFA said that if the two clubs cannot meet the financial goals of the organization in the settlement agreement in the next 3 to 4 years, then the teams will pay the remaining total fines.

In other cases, Portuguese Super League side Porto is also under threat of being banned from UEFA events for a season, including the Champions League , for falling short of UEFA’s new break-even target.

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