Don’t recognize the trend is over? Cristiano Ronaldo: I have no plans to retire and will continue to play in the World Cup and European Cup
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Don’t recognize the trend is over? Cristiano Ronaldo: I have no plans to retire and will continue to play in the World Cup and European Cup

As the 37-year-old striker Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) , a football legend who is currently playing for Premier League Manchester United, has been caught in a transfer farce this summer, a goal drought and being benched by manager Eric Ten Hag, the outside world Even Premier League legends believe that the top scorer in the history of Europe’s top leagues is over, and his football career has reached the end of his life.

Just when everyone is speculating whether Ronaldo chooses to retire, or switch to the US Football (MLS), Chinese Super League (CSL), Saudi League (RSL) to continue his career, but Ronaldo gave a positive answer today. .

In an interview today, when the reporter asked Ronaldo whether this year’s World Cup in Qatar would be the final game of his career, Ronaldo decisively rejected this statement and said that he would not choose to retire after the World Cup. , there are currently no plans to retire.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who once served as the captain of the Portuguese national team, said that he has not considered quitting international football after participating in the World Cup (FIFA) in December. He even plans to participate in the European Championships in 2024, when Cristiano Ronaldo will be nearly 40 years old.

Although age cannot be reversed, Cristiano Ronaldo believes that his ambitions have not diminished with age, and he is still motivated to participate in international competitions. With the help of the Portuguese national team’s young lineup, Cristiano Ronaldo is very competitive for the country to compete for the World Cup championship. promising prospects.

Ronaldo was relegated to a substitute by Manchester United coach Ten Hag in the Premier League and Europa League this season, and he failed to even serve as a starter and score goals. He has yet to score a goal in six Premier League games, and he has scored in two Europa League games, breaking the scoring drought and scoring his first goal of the season.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo’s form at Manchester United has been disappointing, there is no doubt about his achievements, strength and experience. His record of 117 goals in more than 188 World Cup appearances for the national team has been recognized by the Portuguese Football Association.

Next, Cristiano Ronaldo will follow Portugal in the fifth round of the UEFA Nations League (UEFA) away to the Czech Republic this weekend, and will host Spain on June 3. Portugal currently ranks second in the second group of four teams with a record of 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and the winning team will advance to the semi-finals.

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