Don’t keep sighing! These actions affect teammates’ emotions.
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Don’t keep sighing! These actions affect teammates’ emotions.

Don't keep sighing! These actions affect teammates' emotions.

The popularity of e -sports games is getting higher and higher, gradually being recognized by the sports industry, and gradually becoming an indispensable part of sports. In addition, the main market for young people has unlimited business opportunities. The young people of the era consume and even cooperate with the entertainment industry to produce TV programs with the theme of e-sports games, inviting celebrities and professional players to play games and discuss e-sports.

The TV show “Battle to the Peak” will not be unfamiliar to players who love to play King’s Glory . In addition to entertaining the audience, the show has some details about playing games, which are very worthy of our in-depth thinking. In the future, it can even be integrated into daily team play. ranked.

The main content of the second episode of “Battle to the Peak” is about the running-in between teammates, but don’t forget that the King of Glory is a five-player game, less perseverance, less tacit understanding, no matter how good your skills are, no matter how good you are In the end, there is a high chance of losing the game.

The show perfectly shows the mistakes players often make when forming a team, such as sighing behavior. This show also gives obvious shots. Yang Mi and Gong Jun often love to sigh. In fact, the influence is huge, as if they are expressing their dissatisfaction. Bringing down team morale and wondering what else is wrong? Friends remember to continue to follow 77577 Sports , the next article will be announced for you!


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