Don’t keep sighing! These actions affect teammates’ emotions. (two)
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Don’t keep sighing! These actions affect teammates’ emotions. (two)

Don't keep sighing! These actions affect teammates' emotions. (two)

A sigh contains all kinds of negative emotions such as helplessness, resentment, and complaints in our hearts. In a five-player team game , one of them sighs and sighs, invisibly passing these negative emotions to your teammates. Listen to With a sigh, your teammates naturally feel the dissatisfaction in your heart, worry about yourself, whether you are doing something wrong, become cautious, and gradually evolve into anxiety.

As the saying goes, silence is golden, but silence during the game is a problem. The cooperation of the team is not based on telepathy, but verbal communication. In the show, it can be seen that Zhang Han and INTO1 Lin Mo have zero communication during the game, no one Understand their next plan or next move, as if a lone player or a solo player makes up the number.

Without your positive feedback, it is really difficult for teammates to cooperate. Every action will be hesitant, worrying that you will not be able to keep up. The best example is to kill by jumping the tower. The opponent with residual blood hides under the tower and returns to the city. People’s heads, but I am afraid that my teammates will not know how to cooperate with the top tower, and they will accidentally become gifts later.

Without communication, it is more likely to cause misunderstandings, grasping the whereabouts of the enemy, but not reminding teammates who did not pay attention, causing the other party to be secretly attacked and killed by assassins on the way, which is frustrating, and may eventually be counted on you, if you fall out, the scene will not look good Woolen cloth.


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