De Thomas close to joining Vallecano for around 12 million euros
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De Thomas close to joining Vallecano for around 12 million euros

The transfer drama of Spain international center Raul de Thomas is finally coming to an end.

According to the latest news from Espanyol newspaper “La Grada”, De Thomas will join Vallecano from Espanyol in January next year, with a transfer fee of slightly more than 12 million euros.

De Thomas, 27, was born in Real Madrid’s youth academy and has played for Real Madrid, Cordoba, Valladolid, Benfica and Espanyol. This summer, De Thomas was close to returning to Vallecano , but he was eventually stranded due to a problem with the fax machine.

The relationship between De Thomas and the Spaniard was completely broken after the transfer failed. A few days ago, there was news that De Thomas even intends to move to a local club because the summer window of Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia has not yet been closed.

But in any case, Vallecano is the first choice for De Thomas: Between 2017 and 2019, De Thomas played 66 times for the “Lightning”, scoring 38 goals and sending 5 assists. Played a huge role on the road to La Liga . It is worth mentioning that there was a physical conflict between Vallecano chairman Raul Martin Presa and De Thomas’ agent Ivan Garcia on the eve of the agreement, but fortunately it did not affect the player’s transfer.

According to Cadena COPE reports, Vallecano President Presa and De Thomas’ agent Ivan Garcia had negotiated on the evening of the 7th about the transfer of the players in the winter window, but the two sides had a huge disagreement on the issue of commissions, and then Sparks a conflict: Suddenly, Presa tries to attack the lawyers on the agency team, only to accidentally hurt Ivan Garcia. Ivan Garcia retaliated by punching Presa in the nose (or headbutting Presa in the face).

Presa’s report to the police station

After the conflict broke out, the staff at the scene immediately called the police for help, and the two were taken to the police station to make a record. According to a number of Western media confirmations, De Thomas himself and his father were also at the scene of the negotiations.


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