DC linkage is coming soon, don’t worry if Heart of Rose is not enough for 150. (two)
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DC linkage is coming soon, don’t worry if Heart of Rose is not enough for 150. (two)

DC linkage is coming soon, don't worry if Heart of Rose is not enough for 150. (two)

Linked skins are exciting, how long have you seen Tianmei launch linked skins? I remember that the most sensational linkage skin last time was with the overseas version of King of Glory, Arena of Valor launched Sun Shangxiang’s twin skin, the spirit contract of the other world, using the cosmic style, tearing space and time to fight in the canyon, the second skill got rid of the traditional scrolling action and replaced it with New and unique jumping action.

Journey to the West linkage skin

Following the twin skins, the next wave of linked skins is, of course, Journey to the West officially authorized by the 86 edition. Gongsunli’s “Princess Jade Rabbit”, three epics, two legends, Tianmei chased after the victory, before the popularity has not diminished, Jin Chan, a new hero, will be launched by the way, the character setting draws on Tang Sanzang, and the Journey to the West skin will be linked in a few months. It also went online. The five masters and apprentices of Journey to the West are temporarily missing Sha Zeng and Bai Ma.

SNK Limited Legendary Skin

After the Journey to the West skin series ended, Tianmei turned her attention back to the SNK skin. Previously, the three SNK heroes each had an epic quality. After a few years, the three protagonists once again obtained limited legendary skins this year. “Front dust mirror” takes the lead, with a goddess-like appearance and temperament, but also the cuteness of a girl.

After a few weeks, it was Tachibana Ukyo’s turn to launch “Maple Frost Leaf”. The background of the skin story tells that he is an exorcist swordsman who can control the powerful combat power of three swords. He uses maple leaves and three-color elements to replace new big moves. Action, during use, it turns into three sword shadows and initiates mutual slashing at the same time, which is handsome and cool, and the sun is full of wind.

Tianmei finally launched the limited legendary skin of Mai Shiranui in the near future. It is called Feiyuexing . It has the appearance and temperament of the head of a hundred demons. It was born because of a prayer under the moon. The special effects are like dancing under the moon. There will also be a few little monsters, and with the new moon feeling and the sound effects of Bai Yao Yue Su, it seems to be immersed in the animation world of “Blade of Ghost Slayer”. what about her?

The original price of these three SNK skins is 1788 points, and they will be sold at a limited time. If you miss them, you will not know when to return. The strength and playability are extremely high, so the sales of the skins are quite high.

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