Controlling the player’s win rate, is this mechanism really fair in the game? (two)
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Controlling the player’s win rate, is this mechanism really fair in the game? (two)

Controlling the player's win rate, is this mechanism really fair in the game? (two)

The matchmaking mechanism of Glory of Kings is really unfair to the powerful players and the great gods. You can rely on your own tactics and time to win back the advantage. It doesn’t matter if you lose, but you won the MVP of the loser. Here is the proof of the match. , obviously being held back by his teammates.

The loser’s MVP, the game is lost, shouldn’t the next match match better teammates and team up with players who are close to their own strength and rank? It is a pity that Tianmei has no such plan. The official way of thinking is to maintain the balance of the game. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Since players with high scores and superior skills should help the weak, low scores and new players need You help, so you will find that the MVP of the loser in the previous game and the quality of the teammates in the next game seem to have no difference. On the other hand, players with average performance will be lucky to be taken away by the great gods.

After a winning streak, there must be a losing streak. Where is the logic?

The fairness required in e-sports games is that the strong stay strong and the weak stay weak, well-trained, skilled, and strong. The system should follow the data returned by the players, and then arrange for players with similar strength to match and play in the rankings. Game experience As for the average player, after breaking through the siege, the technology reaches a certain level, and it is naturally qualified to challenge the players with higher levels, and the more they fight, the stronger they are. From this, isn’t this game more fun?

Mengxin has a higher win rate than Dashen

In order to keep the player’s winning rate at about 50%, the system will secretly record the player’s hidden points, and then arrange teammates. After the winning streak, if the winning rate is high, the losing streak will start, adjust the data, and work hard to win. Tianmei wants you to pay it back. give it back. In basic e-sports games, shouldn’t the winning rate of strong players be higher than Mengxin? Occasionally click on the personal homepage of a Mengxin and the great god, and you will find that the winning rate of the two is not far behind. Mengxin may even surpass the great god. Do you think logic?

Almost all players are aware that there are big problems with the matchmaking mechanism of Glory of Kings, but Tianmei has not planned to abolish this type of system, but plans to continue to control the winning rate, so many old players have been persuaded. Great God players, had no choice but to compromise.

Forcing the great gods to bring Mengxin to the top, teammates are a game that competes with operations and techniques, this approach is completely unfair, the victory is taken back by yourself, not sent by others, I hope Tianmei will make changes in the future, otherwise the game will really Waiting for the cold.


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