Clippers guard Wall, 31, says he had suicidal thoughts two years ago
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Clippers guard Wall, 31, says he had suicidal thoughts two years ago

Today, 31-year-old guard John Wall, who is currently playing for the Los Angeles Clippers , revealed the darkest moment in his life in an interview, and said that he once had the idea of killing himself. Looking back, he still thinks that it was a very difficult time. Passed hurdles.

Wall spent nearly 10 seasons in his NBA career, winning early dunk championships, rookie lineup, All-Defensive Second Team, Third Team of the Year and a five-time All-Star.

He was then traded to the Houston Rockets in 2020, but during his 2 seasons with the Rockets, due to injuries and the impact of the new crown virus epidemic, he only played in 40 games in 3 years, although averaged Scored 20.6 points, 3.2 rebounds, 6.9 assists, 40.4% overall shooting percentage, but the two sides eventually chose to part ways.

In the offseason this summer, the Clippers decided to offer Wall a 2-year contract worth $13.2 million for free agent. Wall will also start his new season with a new attitude and hope in the new team.

The hardest hit in life – Achilles torn Achilles tendon

Wall has dealt with a torn Achilles Achilles tendon in his last 2-3 years with the Clippers, an incurable long-range injury, which has left Wall feeling shaky about his basketball career prospects. Worrying, he believes that he carries the expectations of his family, fans and fellow countrymen, and he cannot destroy such a significant meaning because of his own conditions.

Double whammy – the death of a loved one

Regrettably, Wall was not only treated for an Achilles tendon injury, but also in the grief of the death of a loved one. His mother died in December 2019 at the age of 58 after battling breast cancer. Wall was raised by his mother alone since he was a child, and he has a very deep relationship with his mother, which was the biggest blow to him at a time when the new crown virus epidemic was quietly coming. A year later, Wall’s grandmother also passed away.

This gave Wall the idea of committing suicide in the dark after experiencing injuries and the death of his loved ones, but he considered his family, namely his wife and two children in the family, as well as the NBA friends and team who supported him, and finally he chose to seek The help of a psychotherapist to navigate this dark journey. Fortunately, Wall finally let go and got rid of his psychological depression. He will play on behalf of the new Clippers team next season. It is believed that the veteran will usher in the dawn of his career in the league again.


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