Charlotte Hornets Force Hawks to Suffer First Defeat of the Season
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Charlotte Hornets Force Hawks to Suffer First Defeat of the Season

Charlotte Hornets Force Hawks to Suffer First Defeat of the Season

The Charlotte Hornets forced the Atlanta Hawks to suffer their first defeat of the season. After winning 126- 109 on a trip to State Farm Arena, Georgia, in the NBA continued Sunday original time. Kelly Oubre Jr scored 24 points. Meanwhile, Nick Richards added a double 20 points and 11 rebounds. Nick’s action was suitable to support the palm in the absence of a few important names in the Hornets camp.

LaMelo Ball is yet to make its debut appearance this season. Because he’d an injury where he sprained his left ankle. Not only that, Rozier is also absent due to a analogous injury to his right leg.

Meanwhile, Miles Islands is still side lined because he has been involved in a felonious case since last July.

To replace the vacant position, the Hornets have also prepared their players. Dennis Smith Jr. is the player who fills Rozier’s place.

Denis Smith Jr. successfully closed the game with 18 points. In addition, there are Gordon Haywand and P.J. Washington who helped contribute points. Quoting from the sanctioned NBA records, the two players each contributed 12 points.

Charlotte Hornets Points Earning

Host star Trae Yong scored 28 points. Dejounte Murray followed with 19 points. Clint Capela successfully got a double with 14 points and 10 rebounds. John Collins achieved a double of 10 points and 10 rebounds. While De’Andre Hunter completes with 10 points.

82- 102 far before at the end of the quarter sounded to make the Hawks feel frustrated. Following the Hawks player, Young who got a specialized violation. Where, the Hornets managed to block Young’s shot, he claimed it should have been goaltending.

The Hawks entered the fourth quarter with a 20- point lead. In the fourth quarter, the Hawks were only suitable to cut the distance as close as 98- 109 through Collins’ immerse. still, the Hornets managed to counterattack with 6 twinkles 25 seconds remaining.

With cooperation, the Hornets managed to lock in a 126- 109 palm. The coming match, both brigades will be on the bottom for the down game. The Hawks visited the Detroit Pistons and the Hornets visited the New York Knicks.


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