Champions League – Napoli beats Ajax 6-1 to lead group with three straight wins
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Champions League – Napoli beats Ajax 6-1 to lead group with three straight wins

In the third round of the Champions League Group A in the 2022/23 season, Napoli defeated the ten-man Ajax 6-1 away.

In the first half, Kudus opened the scoring, and Raspadori, Di Lorenzo, and Zielinski scored successively to complete the reversal. In the second half, Raspadori made another victory, Kvaratskhelia, and Giovanni Simeone scored separately, and Tadic was sent off.

Currently, Napoli leads Group A with 3 consecutive victories, while Ajax is third in the standings.

first half

Only 8 minutes after the opening, Kenneth Taylor’s shot was accidentally turned into an assist-the ball hit Kudus’s calf and bounced into the net, and Ajax took the lead 1-0. But since then, Napoli have dominated the game overwhelmingly: in the 13th minute, Anguissa fought back after stealing the ball from Timber, but Kvaratskhelia missed a long-range shot. In less than 5 minutes, Olivera made a breakthrough after a midfield steal and assisted Raspadori’s header, 1-1.

In the 33rd minute of the game, Kvaratskhelia made a cross from the right, and Di Lorenzo scored another goal with a header. Before that, Napoli had two very threatening shots: in the 26th minute, Lozano passed the ball into the penalty area, and Kvaratskhelia’s close-range tackle was blocked by Pasveer. In the 32nd minute, Zielinski took a corner kick from the right, but Di Lorenzo headed the goal but was blocked by Tadic with his foot.

At the end of the first half, Napoli created two more scoring opportunities: in the 40th minute, Lozano made a cross from the left, Zelinski was interfered by Rahmani and the shot failed, Anguissa made a supplementary shot with deviated to end. In the 45th minute, Anguissa’s midfield pass instantly penetrated the opponent’s defense, and Zielinski pushed his left foot to the right, 3-1.

second half

As soon as the second half started, Ajax’s No. 3 defender Bassey immediately made a huge mistake: Perswell tapped the ball in front of Bassey and let him reorganize the attack. Unexpectedly, when Bassey received the ball, he was stolen by Anguisa because of his slow movement, which made Laspadoli push the shot from the near corner.

In the 63rd minute, Kvaratskhelia passed Rensch and scored with his right foot to rewrite the score for Napoli to 5-1.

After being scored 5 goals by the opponent, Ajax’s nightmare is not over yet. In the 73rd minute, Tadic dragged Elmas to the ground and was sent off with a total of two yellows. 8 minutes later, Ndombele sent a through ball in the frontcourt, and Giovanni Simeone pushed and scored to lock the score at 6-1.


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