Captain Lloris is injured and missed the game in the UEFA Europa League. The disabled French team will change the lineup again
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Captain Lloris is injured and missed the game in the UEFA Europa League. The disabled French team will change the lineup again

Following last week’s Premier League Aston Villa’s 22-year-old midfielder Boubacar Kamara was seriously injured in the 8th round of the Premier League and was unable to represent the French national team in the UEFA Nations League (UEFA) . There is bad news that the 35-year-old Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper and France captain Hugo Lloris will temporarily withdraw from the national team due to a thigh injury.

The players currently called up to represent France are facing a series of injury problems, leading France coach Didier Deschamps to make repeated line-up changes to fill the void of injured players.

Theo Hernandez, a 24-year-old defender who is currently playing for AC Milan in Serie A, was also forced to be excluded from the squad due to a torn adductor longus muscle, while Deschamps transferred the 29-year-old defender from Aston Villa in the Premier League. Lucas Digne replaced him.

Last week, coach Deschamps originally included 27-year-old French midfielder Adrien Rabiot, who is currently playing for Juventus in Serie A, into the national team list, but Rabiot’s calf injury was not optimistic, so the coach decided to call up Aston Villa midfielder Kamara serves as a replacement for Rabiot.

However, Kamara was injured in the Premier League less than four hours after being called up, and there is a high probability that he will not be able to recover before France’s Europa League game against Austria in three days and Denmark next week.

Today, the French team added another injured player, that is, the captain of the French team, Lloris. Due to his right thigh injury, he will miss the next 2 games of the Europa League. Aged Alban Lafon replaces the captain as goalkeeper.

France will play Austria in three days and then travel to Copenhagen to face Denmark next week. However, as the French team ushered in a wave of injuries, and the French team has not won a victory since the fourth round of the UEFA Nations League, it has only 2 losses and 2 draws, ranking in the first group. Bottom.

The sluggish state and record of the French team is likely to put the French team at risk of relegation and will seriously affect the French team’s performance in the World Cup on November 23.

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