Bye bye Pipita! Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain out
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Bye bye Pipita! Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain out

Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain will retire at the end of the season, Gonzalo Higuain said on Monday , October 3 , 2022 , that he has ended a 17 -and-a-half- year illustrious career . He has played for some of the biggest clubs in the world including Real Madrid , Juventus , AC Milan and Chelsea . Higuain, 34 , will play the remaining two games of the season in Miami, which is currently in the playoffs in the MLS Eastern Conference.

After initially struggling in Miami, Higuain enjoyed a revival in the following campaign, scoring 10 goals in his last 11 league appearances, bringing him to 14 goals and three assists this season. But while Higuain is back in form for Heron Island, he tearfully said in a news conference Monday morning that he will end his career at the end of the 2022 MLS game.

The wonderful football career of Gonzalo Higuain

In 2005, Higuain started his career with Argentine giants River Plate after going through the club’s youth system. He scored 15 goals in 41 league and cup matches. In 2006, Higuain moved to Real Madrid for $16 million. After that, he proved his “shooter” ability, scoring 121 goals in 264 appearances in all competitions. He was also part of three La Liga champions as well as the 2011 Copa del Rey winner.

Higuain left after seven seasons in Madrid, moving to Napoli in the summer of 2013 for $53.1 million. He continued his goalscoring style, scoring 91 goals in 146 appearances over three seasons. In the summer of 2016, Juventus activated the release clause in Higuain’s contract, allowing them to acquire the Argentine for less than $100 million, a Serie A record at the time. After an impressive initial season, he scored 32 goals and Higuain’s production soon dwindled, leading to the Bianconeri handing him to AC Milan and Chelsea in 2018-19.


In his final season with Juventus in 2019-20, where he helped the club to a third Serie A title during his tenure there, Higuain moved to Inter Miami, where he made 65 league appearances. Scored 27 goals and had 14 assists.


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