Brugge beat Porto 4-0
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Brugge beat Porto 4-0

Following the first round of the 2022-23 UEFA Champions League , Brugge beat Bayer Leverkusen in a shock, and today they will face Porto in the second round.

In the 15th minute, Porto sent a point, Hutgra made a penalty, and Bruges led 1-0 . Porto, who suffered their last defeat at Atletico Madrid last week, looked poor and failed to respond, with their only real chance in the first half falling to winger Pepe, however his efforts were swept away by Bruges’ Simon Miño. Wright strangled.

Just two minutes into the second half, Utgra provided an assist to help Sauvage score a goal, and Bruges extended their lead 2-0 in 5 minutes . In the 52nd minute, Meyer made a cross from the left, Olsen hit the goal, and Bruges led Porto 3-0 . In the 86th minute, Noosa scored on the right side of the penalty area. Brugge was upset again, beating Porto 4-0 .

It is worth mentioning that this is the 17 -year-old Noosa’s first goal in the Champions League. The goal made Noosa the second-youngest player to score in the Champions League, second only to the record set by Barcelona striker Fati.


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