Brighton appoint Crofts as interim manager, assisted by Lallana
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Brighton appoint Crofts as interim manager, assisted by Lallana

The Premier League Brighton Club has officially announced the appointment of 38-year-old Welsh and Brighton legend and Seagulls U23 head coach Andrew Crofts as interim coach.

The official statement also said that Crofts will be assisted by U21 coach Shannon Ruth, set-piece coach Nick Stanley, Brighton midfielder Adam Lallana and assistant goalkeeping coach Jack Stern. They will head to Bournemouth on Saturday.

Former Brighton manager Porter traveled to Chelsea this afternoon, accompanied by assistant coaches Billy Reid and Bjorn Hamburg, goalkeeping coach Ben Roberts and head of scouting Kyle Macaulay.

“Focus on the team”

Andrew Crofts has told Brighton’s official website that he will focus on the club and players, while giving his full attention to tomorrow’s trip to Bournemouth. “All I’m thinking about at the moment is this team and what this team needs in the next few days,” Crofts said.

“I’m proud and excited, I’ve been associated with this club at various times for a long time. But it’s not about me now, what the club needs, what the players need is more of a concern.”

“The main focus is tomorrow’s trip to Burn Multon, to try and get as many points as we can. From what I’ve seen this season, they’re at the top of the table, with a lot of confidence, and you can see that they do. Enjoying football a lot and looking forward to the next game.”

“They know where they are and what they need to do to get there. So we can just keep as much as possible without changing anything.”

“We just need to help push what they’ve been doing. It took them a lot of work as a team to get to where they are now. We help them in any way we can, and this is just one of those cases.”

“Adam Lallana”

Adam Lallana, 34, received praise from Crofts as the only player on the interim coaching team. “He’s always been great at talking about the needs of the boys,” Crofts said. “He knows the dressing room like the back of his hand and he’s one of the big drivers that has brought the team to where it is.”

“Not only is he a top player, a great talent, but he will make a huge difference for the club in the days to come and I can’t thank him enough. We look forward to the challenge. Hopefully it will be a Exciting few days.”

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